The Rise of Distort.

After researching several logos, both fashion and un-fashion related, I started to sketch my own designs and ideas. I want my design to be quite geometric and abstract to coincide with my abstract and often geometric images. I want my design to be black and white to relate to my photographs and my theme of simplicity until you analyse the image further.

I like the second brand-name image better as I feel it is more distorted and overall more interesting aesthetics. The last image containing to small pictures are possible ideas for a logo to accompany the brand-name. I’m not yet sure if I want to just use the brand-name as the logo itself, or include a small image as well.

The small camera represents the use of photography for the brand, the other represents stairs, which I often photograph to create interesting abstract and geometric photos. I’m not yet decided if I should use a logo as well as a brand-name to be featured on my tshirts. After drawing out some more logos using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate on my iPad I will hopefully decide on one design.