The Rise of Distort.

After researching several logos, both fashion and un-fashion related, I started to sketch my own designs and ideas. I want my design to be quite geometric and abstract to coincide with my abstract and often geometric images. I want my design to be black and white to relate to my photographs and my theme of simplicity until you analyse the image further.

I like the second brand-name image better as I feel it is more distorted and overall more interesting aesthetics. The last image containing to small pictures are possible ideas for a logo to accompany the brand-name. I’m not yet sure if I want to just use the brand-name as the logo itself, or include a small image as well.

The small camera represents the use of photography for the brand, the other represents stairs, which I often photograph to create interesting abstract and geometric photos. I’m not yet decided if I should use a logo as well as a brand-name to be featured on my tshirts. After drawing out some more logos using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate on my iPad I will hopefully decide on one design.

Logo moodboard.

This mood board features images from the book ‘Tres Logos’ edited by Robert Klanten. I looked through entire book and found my favourite logos and designs and included the ones which I thought were relevant to the creation of my own logo. The font types and styles of the logos will help inspire ideas for my own. This research will help me discover what kind of logos are already out there, and to prevent designing a similar to one that currently exists.