2nd and 3rd film rolls.

Here is just a gallery of the best shots from my 2nd and 3rd rolls of film I used for this project, I will select a few of my favourites to use on my t-shirts. I will analyse these few in my next post.

‘Off The Wall’

To gather further knowledge on plain t-shirts featuring black and white photographic prints, I looked into the infamous skate brand Vans. These t-shirts I have shown are from their latest collection online. I wanted to look into a well-known brand to both gather more ideas for my own photos but also ensure none of the major clothing brands famous for printed t-shirts, are doing anything similar to my own ideas.

Legends Stecyk Tee – This is one of my favourite t-shirts I have looked at featuring a person rather than just abstract photography which is what I will focus on. I like the contrast between the dark floor and the light sky, with the dark helmet, hair and jeans of the skateboarder. Lots of contrast with objects within the image is something I could look into for my photos.

OTW Gallery Jai Tanju Camera Tee – I really like the simplicity of this image due to the layout of the content, but also the square photo with the content central within the image. I also like the placement of the image on the t-shirt. I think this heavy focus on a simple photo with a simple and obvious image placement on the t-shirt is an idea I could consider for my project.

Wheelin’ Tee – This is my least favourite t-shirt out of the three as I feel I have seen similar designs on a few other brands/designers. I feel it is one of these images that is created to be liked by the masses and popular amongst a large audience. I want to create photos that are different and not necessarily liked by everyone who sees them. I want my photos to provoke different feelings and reactions, both of approval and disapproval.

After researching another brand which sells black and white photographic tees, I have been able to gather further knowledge on what I do and don’t want my images to appear like, but also I have been able to discover what reactions I want to achieve with the viewers.

Tshirt beginnings.



new cameraaaaSo i have decided to start printing my own t-shirts. I wanted to start a new brand of t-shirts for a while but never could really decide what to base my brand on, who I wanted to wear the t-shirts and the overall aesthetics of the t-shirts.

I finally decided I want to produce plain t-shirts with black and white abstract photos featured on the chest of the top. The photos will be distorted, mangled and of course abstract images of ordinary objects, but so close up you might not necessarily recognise these objects straight away.

In order to create these images I wanted to use a high quality film camera, so I bought the model I have lusted after for ages!

Im pretty certain the tops will be menswear, as I will advertise them as menswear, but that does not mean women cannot wear them 🙂 Im thinking my kind of customer will be a young adult man, interested in things that are a bit different and does not wear all the obvious brands that are on trend at the moment, possibly interested in extreme sports such as skateboarding and rollerblading, and last but not least, has an eye for fashion.

I have just finished my first roll of black and white film so watch this space as I hope to load some of the decent shots if there are any! hah