Float like a butterfly..

This is another personal post. I wanted to show the world how my and my friend kinda matched skirts without realising. Both floaty, see-through and black. We are both pretty much dressed head to foot in black too. LOOK AT MY NEW NAVY CREEPERS!! Ill probably upload a photo of myself to my lookbook later too. It’s funny how when trying to be individual you subconsciously match with someone you see almost every day. I also gave a first try to editing using my phone, its bad quality but I quite like it.



I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of lookbook, it sounds negative but I’m actually really excited, I’ve always asked friends to take photos of my outfits, and now I can actually use them! Wow that was a lot of commas. Anyway! this post is unrelated to my ongoing cultural project to add a bit of a personal touch. It says on the post but I change my style a lot. I dont stick to one style or trend, I just put together what I think works. Due to this fact I almost look like a different person when I wear particularly different outfits to the last. Keep updated on my lookbook! I’ve pasted the link so go have a stalking session, you know you want to.