‘Ricki F*ckin Hall’

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 17.50.04Trying to think of a suitable muse for my brand seems almost impossible. I want the muse to be alternative in appearance, but also have an interesting personality that shines through both his style and interests. I stumbled across this individual, Ricki Hall, on instagram not too long ago. I love his style, quite simple and traditional wear. Including simple or plain t-shirts, shirts with buttons detailing on the corners of the collar, overall a very sleek and classic image. His personality comes through in both his title for his instagram, which is where I got the title for this blog from, but also captions he puts for photos which he uploads on instagram. Some of my favourite captions include :

‘Tattooing myself after a fuck load of beers isn’t going to end well.’

‘Hair Dryer in right, hair in left and comb in mouth. You know this hair is going to be a weapon when it’s done. And yes I am wearing primark Y-fronts.’

‘So this is what was in my secret drawer in my old bedroom under the wardrobe from when I was 15 years old : 7 porno DVDs, 1 porno mag (big busty) 2 bb guns, 1 pellet gun and I’m not legally allowed to tell you what’s in the carrier bag.’

Its comments like this that make me feel Ricki is right to be my muse. He’s honest and down-to-earth, interested in looking after himself and appearance ( without being bigheaded), but the blunt realism of his comments show that yes he is a model, but he hasn’t let it go to his head and is still human.

I feel his look is suitable for my brand through his very stylised haircut, facial hair and unique colourful tattoos would compliment a simple t-shirt with an eye-catching abstract black and white image. I also think my t-shirt idea is something Ricki would hopefully be interested in wearing and appropriate to his particular style tastes. Finding models to to wear my t-shirts when I have printed some, ready to be photographed for a shoot, will be both easier and harder to find suitable models as I want them to look alternative but also have their personality shown through how they style their hair and through body mods etc. My next post will be a sort of mood board of his different looks, which i can use as reference.

PHOTO : Courtesy of the awesome screen-print based company Skull and Bones Boys Club (SABBC) 🙂


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