Progressing with my t-shirt project, I chose to research several sort-of-well-known clothing brands which heavily focus on t-shirts being their main product to be sold. I looked into the brands which sold t-shirts featuring high-quality black and white images, and then used four of my favourite t-shirts but also most relevant to my own project.

Chocolate – Whilst I do not necessarily plan to use photos of scenery within my own project, I like the smaller size of the image but also the placement. However, I do not like the use of their brand name within the actual photo as I feel this detracts focus on the photo itself. Considering placement and size of image on the t-shirt is something I will think about for my t-shirts.

HUF – From a skate brand point of view HUF is one of my preferred brands. This is because they produce t-shirts like this with high-quality photos which have substance. I love the layout of the photo and content, however I do not want to include sport or people within my own images. This is due to the fact I want to focus on a more abstract and distorted image collection. I do like the use of a larger image on the t-shirt, but I do not really like the portrait layout.

Etudes – This design is particularly relevant to my project as the image is black and white, simple and uses everyday objects to create an effective photo. Whilst I like the simplicity and use of an everyday object, I want my own images to be much more abstract and almost impossible to tell what the original object in the photo is. I will consider simplicity within an image for my own project.

The Quiet Life – This t-shirt features the most abstract image, which is relevant to my project, but again I do not want to use people within my own images. As an abstract more unusual photo on a t-shirt, it works well with its pure simplicity and the layout. A small, abstract image is something I will consider for my own t-shirts.

After researching the few brands that do t-shirts with high-quality black and white images I have gathered some information on what I do and do not want to feature within my t-shirts. I will go on to research certain brands and websites that will be suitable for my project development.


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