Pitt Rivers Museum Review – Made for Trade.

The electric range of artefacts shown within the exhibition were shocking and unexpected. I feel this, as I am used to seeing exhibitions of objects which don’t usually catch my attention immediately. The exhibition also made me reflect on my own life and culture due to the wide variety of unusual objects. The stunning range of information on these unique objects lead me to thinking about the social and political backgrounds of the objects and how many of them would now be classed as socially unacceptable. This idea fuelled thoughts for my own project and how I would like to include these references to the past into my project.

After visiting this exhibition I have been able to decide on an idea for my own project, not just from one artefact, but from the exhibition as a whole.


Nikes on my feet make the cypher complete.

I wanted to discuss a trend which has literally blown up and gone crazy in the last 2-3 years. Airmax and different variations of the shoe were originally intended for running and sport. However, several style groups have taken on the trainer. The main style of people I see wearing them are usually more like hipsters, but I like to wear them as a main feature of my outfit. In this particular outfit choice I went for an uber-girly-unicorn type thing, as my Nikes are custom and OH SO BRIGHT, but for me personally they are the main focus of my outfit and I created the outfit around them. This idea of taking a functional shoe and wearing them more casually has happened with other brands as well such as New Balance and Adidas. To make the shoe more casual and less sporty the brands combine colours, non-sport fabrics and even teaming up with designers to create a casual but unique shoe. Nike teamed up with Liberty London to make a collection of classic Nike trainers but with a ditsy and floral appearance. By doing this, Nike have made their audience even wider branching to the more fashion conscious but also a trainer style which is more accessible to women. Trainers tend to be more aimed at the male audience with dark colour palettes and a simple design, but because Nike involved a popular designer house such as Liberty, they show the awareness of trainers generally more aimed men and wanted something to change. I myself want to see even more differently styled people wearing trainers casually and not take the phrase ‘Fashion not Function’ too seriously. HAVE FUN WITH SNEAKERS!